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HTTP Error 500 Internal Server Error – How to Fix

HTTP Error 500 Internal Server Error – How to Fix 500 Error Internal Server Error :

Some times many internet users face this 500 error issue. So i made this article to let them know what is 500 error and how to fix 500 error with the help of howtofixi blog page. I don’t want to waste your time with the excess bull shit solutions so i will come to the conclusions of the solutions to solve the error fast. I will also let you know why the error occurred. Know How to Fix 503 Error.

Error name will be slightly changed according the browser . Some of this 500 error names are :

  • Internal Server Error 500
  • 500 Internal Server Error – Page can’t be accessed etc
  • Temporary Error 500
  • Error 500 , Internal Server Error & HTTP Error 500 etc
  • http 500 internal error
  • 500 Internal Error
  • 500 That’s an Error
  • 500 Error

HTTP Error 500 Internal Server Error – How to Fix 500 Error Internal Server Error 

Before proceeding further, one has to know the reasons behind the http error 500. So the you can understand the internal server error with so ease. This error is all due to the Hosting Server Problem. I mean Godaddy Hosting Problem or BlueHost Hosting Problem due to some glitches in the network, heat issues and changing servers and some times data load. Clear Cache & What is Cached Data ?

How to Fix Internal Server Error – Fix 500 Error – Fix 500 Internal Server Error :

500 internal server error
500 error is fully server side error. There is no need to panic that you did something. The below mentioned tasks will make you happy again.
  • Reload the blog Page : Even error is server error but it takes little time to recover. It is just temporary so better reload at regular intervals.
  • Clear Browser Cache : Some times cache will causes problems when loading so better clearing the whole cache once and access the page. If it is due to cache you will get access to the blog page. [ Clear Cache on google chrome : click ctrl+h and then click clear browsing data and then check catched images and files and then click on clear browsing button etc..] 
  • Clear Browser Cookies : Same thing you have to do which i mentioned above to clear cookies on Googe Chrome Browser.
  • Troubleshoot Error 504 : Some times 500 error occurs due to 504 error – 504 Gateway Timeout Error. But mostly this don’t happen. So don’t leave this for now.
  • Contacting Web Hosting Members via TollFree Numbers : Contact Hosting Server Tech Support Guys and tell the situation you are actually facing if you are the owner of the blog. If you are just a user : contact the website administrator to resolve the issue by using contact page or the email provided on the blog or else message the administrator on social media’s. 

This error is solved from the user point of view. If you are an administrator / owner of the site . There are still many ways to solve resolve the issue. The best of all is talking with the Server side Tech Support Guys. Really they will help a lot in many ways. If you want the whole data regarding how to fix 500 error from Blogger View.. Comment below.

Updated: December 21, 2017 — 4:13 am

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