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A student’s life depends enormously on the company he is havingin school. Hence, students should be highly cautious as a bad fellowship can affectthem adversely.
Bad company leads to the negative peer pressure under the influence of which a student gets involved in irrelevant and stupid activities.  As an example, just to be called as cool as your friends are you may start smoking, carrying out mischievous activities etc. Obviously, the student will get so lost in the glamour and attraction of this world that he will no more find studies interesting. Consequently he will lose his aim and direction.

Furthermore, these new acquaintances makes all other relations specially parents seem very outdated and boring. As a result, the student distances himself from his family. He begins hiding his secrets and problems from them as he believes his friends are his best advisors and well-wishers. His attitude towards his parents changes accordingly and he adopts a rude and angry behavior with them. However much they do, nothing will be ever enough for him. They will seem like villains in his life. Every advice of parents will sound like sarcasm to him.
His performance in class falls drastically as his friends constantly console him by giving him incentives of making cheatpapers before exams or getting the original exam paper stolen somehow. He becomes relaxed and focuses on enjoying his life. If by any chance, the student gets caught, then this might result in some serious problem for lifetime as he can get expelled from school forever and might not get into any other school due to his bad reputation. Out of rage and frustration the child might get involved in criminal activities or due to low self-esteem might even commit suicide ruining lives of everyone around him along with his own.

A bad company leaves a mark on the personality forever. As they say a person is known by his company. Friends can change the way you think and perceive things in life. So, if they possess pessimistic thinking then you might become a pessimistic too. As a result, you will not be able tostand thedifficulties  coming yourwayasastudent as you will be having the belief that there is no solution to any issue in life and will lead a life of a failure. Your life will be surrounded by negativities.
There is nothing to worry about because it’s NEVER too late. Somewhere inside you know that this person is not good for you. All you have to do is talk to an elder, it will be better to choose parents, and let them know how you need help to No matter what level of friendship you share with each other, if it’s poisoning your life, you have to leave it. Life will bless you with even better companionship. That’s the rule of God. You do not have to feel guilty for the other person as he will find many others to spoil their lives. All you have to do is learn to say no to wrong people and their advices.

This article is written by Katy Ciara who is dedicated and much appreciated writer Do My Essay For Me.

Updated: December 21, 2017 — 4:13 am


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